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We've been sharing Paradise since 2005. Almost two decades of experience in the industry
means we can offer you the very best in specialised excursions and hotel reservations in Zanzibar, Tanzania and East Africa.

More than just getting you to the destinations

We hand-pick the experiences for you

Journey with us across East Africa to explore all the natural beauty and vibrant energy that this side of the continent has to offer. With a focus on specialised excursions and hotel reservations, we are able to offer excellent accommodation rates as well as adventures that speak to your personal interests. Based in Stone Town on Unguja in the Zanzibar Archipelago, we consider ourselves to be experts in planning a tropical escape.

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Experience the best of
Stone Town, Zanzibar

Explore the rich history of Zanzibar starting with the mesmerising capital, Stone Town. At the heart of this cosmopolitan archipelago lies this UNESCO World Heritage Site with strong and very evident influences from India, Oman and Britain. It is these cultures combined with Swahili traditions that give Stone Town its unique flair. Design and architecture enthusiasts will be impressed by the buildings that line the narrow streets, many of which were built around the 19th Century. Ample street food, an abundance of art and the friendly locals mean that a Stone Town tour will appeal to almost anyone.

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Our enthusiastic and certified local guides will enthral you with a wealth of knowledge about Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - winding past buildings of historical significance and taking you into the shops of some of the finest artists and craftsmen.



Over the centuries, Zanzibar has earned its reputation as thee "Spice Island". Allow us to take your senses on a journey with a kaleidoscope of smells and tastes.



Also known as Changuu Island, Prison Island is reached by a 30 minutes boat trip from Stone Town. This is the best place to spend time with the Giant Land Tortoises.



The former Slave Market is located on the eastern side of Stone Town and today is a space where you can get up close to the city's raw history. It is of even more significance as it is the site of one of the last open slave markets in the world.

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